Luisa Longo

Luisa Longo, fibre artist, paints mainly on organza, silks, and satins.

The versatility of these textiles and the extraordinary glowing effects obtained thanks to distinctive fading effect techniques have always fascinated Luisa.

For the artist painting and turning her artwork into decorative objects and fashion accessories is both an urge and a great passion.
Her work is conceptually decorative and it evolves into constant research exploring cosmos, the rhythms of nature and music.

Born in Bologna, she started painting 35 years ago in Paris, studied at the Ècole du Louvre, specialising also in the study of textiles from different cultures. She continued her artistic journey under the guidance of the sculptor Camillo Bersani, his teacher and font of inspiration, a never-ending source of technical innovation.

Since 2005 she has lived and worked in Rome in her Guest House- Fibre Art Studio BUONANOTTE GARIBALDI where her works are exhibited. They are all unique pieces that can be chosen and bought directly, with a special discount available exclusively to the guests of her Guest House.

The techniques used by the artist are water-based colours for silk painting, mixed with special acrylics and powder pigments. The final painting is fixed by steam in a designated container.

Luisa Longo has taken part in many solo and collective exhibitions, showing her work in the main art galleries all over Italy.

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