If you are looking for an oasis of tranquility and charm in Rome, welcome to Buonanotte Garibaldi
a Luxury B&B tucked away in the historic quarter of Trastevere.

Initially conceived as Luisa Longo's Fiber Art Studio, the house was transformed into a luxurious
cosy guest house with three bedrooms.

Guests will appreciate the sophisticated interior of this beautiful house with a spacious courtyard,
decorated by the artist-owner.

You will love breakfasting both in the dining room and on the enchanting shadowed patio,
or, if you're booked in the Rome room, on its large private en-suite terrace on the first floor.

Both the Chocolate and the Tinto room overlook the patio.

During your stay you may wish to buy hand painted silks and screens or order
your own bespoke items all designed by Luisa. (Special rates apply for guests)

About Luisa

Luisa Longo

Fiber Art painter, Luisa Longo, works mainly on silk organza and satin, fascinated as she is by the luminous effects that can be obtained on this medium when using special techniques.

Her work is conceptually decorative and is in constant evolution exploring the cosmos, the rhythms of nature and music.

Born in Bologna, she began painting 25 years ago in Paris, where she studied at the École du Louvre and devoted herself to studying fabrics from different cultures.

Her research continues today under the guidance of sculptor Camillo Bersani in search of inexhaustible sources of innovative techniques.

She has lived in her guest house – Fiber Art Studio Buonanotte Garibaldi in Rome since 2005, where are examples of her unique work, which are on sale.

Techniques used: water colours for sil mixed with special acrylic pigments. The paint is fixed by steam in a special container.

Luisa Longo has exhibited her works in numerous art galleries in Italy and abroad.