Meet Luisa Longo

Luisa Longo, born in Bologna and specialized in painting fabrics including silk and organza, strives to find a formal balance in her works as well as having an excellent technical knowledge acquired in Paris 20 years ago.
She constantly develops special techniques to achieve nuances and transparencies, while painting long pieces of silk, which create magical effects when they capture the light.
Luisa lives in "Buonanotte Garibaldi", an elegant and original Roman guesthouse B&B in Trastevere, and works in her studio next door. You are welcome to visit her studio and observe while she is working on her art. You can rest assure that whenever you stop by, there will always be new little temptations, such as fashion items, beautiful silk-lined albums and diaries, as well as panels, screens and paintings.

Luisa Longo's Personal Exhibitions

  • 2010 "In and Out" Galleria Sinopia, Roma, Italia
  • 2010 "TrE Number One Award", Arsenale di Venezia, Italia
  • 2009 "2di quadri" Galleria, Bologna, Italia
  • 2007 "Art & Design one by one" PadovArte, Padova, Italia
  • 2006 Galleroa Sinopia, Roma, Italia
  • 2003 Mostra a Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna, Italia
  • 2003 "Alta Roma" esibizione artistica al Tempio di Adriano, Roma, Italia
  • 2002 "L'oggetto inesistente" Future Show, Bologna, Italia
  • 2001 "A futuristic landscape with a mouse and a pad" Future Show, Bologna, Italia
  • 2000 "Love Phone" Future Show, Bologna, Italia
  • 1999 "Teddy Bear Collection" Mercante in Fiera, Parma, Italia
  • 1996 "Tessuti dipinti a mano" Atelier Luisa Longo, Roma, Italia
  • 1995 "Sete dipinte" La Clessidra Gallery, Cremona, Italia
  • 1994 "Seduzione per tessuti" Atelier Stefania Benelli, Bologna, Italia